Hey guys, it’s Christian Thomson, and today I want to take a look at choosing the very best topic for your blog, whether that’s a video blog like this or a written blog for your website. But, before we jump into that, let’s take a step back, and have a look at why we want to generate blogs with less ritz than our video. It’s simply to provide a service to your customers via the search engine such as YouTube or Google. So, if you think about it like this, Google is going to reward you if your providing valuable content to the user. May hopefully the end user is your potential customer. But, if you’re providing that valuable content, then Google is going to place even the video much higher to be visible for the customer, or it’s going to place your website much higher to answer this specific query that somebody is typing into Google.

With the advent of voice search, what we found is that the way we search has changed a lot as well. So, in the past, we would sit down at a computer, and we would physically type in keywords. These days with voice search, and unlike Siri and Google Home, we’re actually asking Google questions. Hey Google, what time is the nearest pizzeria open until tonight? Hey Google, what is the best way to fix my Honda Civic? So, these kinds of questions, Google has to answer these questions, but it can only do so from its database, and its database is the search engine results page, which is made up of our websites, our business websites, our personal websites, our videos, our video blogs. All that content that Google has to deliver to answer that question is user-generated. So, we generate it.

So, when we’re thinking about building out a content marketing strategy, or just a blogging strategy, or a video blog strategy, the thing we want to be looking at in this day and age is answering potential questions that your customers could be asking.

So, if you’re a vet clinic, for example, you might be looking at questions that somebody might be asking about neutering their cat, which vet clinic is open today, so kind of like a lot of questions that maybe someone’s doing kind of in that research phase of trying to decide what actions to take next. So, there’s a really super cool tool will help you streamline this process. It’s a website, and it’s called answerthepublic.com. On this website, it’s pretty, pretty cool. The crazy guy is a bit creepy, but if you kind of see past that, you’ll notice there’s a little section you can put in a keyword. You can put something simple like vet clinic, for example. Then once it kind of loads up, what it’s doing is it’s pulling the keyword data from a whole bunch of places.

As you kind of scroll down here, you’ll be able to see that it’s kind of given us examples of questions, and phrases or search terms that people are physically typing into Google, that we know that as a business owner, and in this case a vet clinic owner, we could answer. We have a very strong blog or a very strong video. So, it’s a really good resource here for coming up with topics for blogs for your small business. It’s a free tool. It’s super powerful. As I said, it is literally pulling data from all over the place, but it can set your marketing strategy up for a good year or two. Then, even just kind of looking down further down the list, you actually have an A to Zed of suggestions for blogs as well.

So, that’s a really great tool for finding out what the very best blogs to write for your company are, get in the titles, these are questions that people are physically typing into Google, so you know that they need to be answered, which you can do. A little kind of like bonus tip here as well, is if you’re making a video blog to answer these questions, there’s a website called rev.com, R-E-V.com, and you simply submit your video link, your video URL, and within an hour or two, I think it’s about a dollar a minute, they will actually transcribe the video for you.

So, what are you can do then is you can actually embed your video blog into a standard blog on your website. Then, I also have the transcript, so the written text from the video, and this gives the blog extra written content for Google to be able to read, and scan, and place above other blogs on the same subject, because now you have a video, and you have the text that the Google bots can actually read. So, that’s a really cool way or streamline, and speed up your content creation as well. Great. Hope you found that super useful. If you did, click subscribe.